Mridula -September 29, 2015 at 1:56 pm

I am truly in “Aho Niranjano” moments with these powerful knowledge sessions…The more I soak in this knowledge the more I see I have to straighten out the creases and the flaws inside me and I see that the world outside is “Perfect” as is! It’s my vision or perception of the world that is tainted or I am seeing it through the vile of ignorance that is covering me.

I use to be one who joked and laughed A LOT, sometimes even in my adult life I was told “be serious” you don’t take life seriously…I never understood why life has to be “SERIOUS”!!! Then, I experienced some deep grief of feeling used, manipulated and taken for a ride. Multiple attempts to fix the situations were futile…

I was a regular at Silence course, Upanishads, Ashtavakra I was always seeking, seeking answers all this quieted my mind for a while intellectually everything made perfect sense, but then the grief would swell up again and my mind would go why? why? oh why? Why do people behave like this? How do I fix this? The grief had not really “left me” I had stopped laughing I had become a different person very serious about seeking knowledge trying to understand it!…I remember one day my son cried “You are not the same mom, you have changed so much, I want my mom back” I had no answers because I didn’t know who I was anymore? The person they knew was lost somewhere! Even I couldn’t find her! I had this protective shield around me lest anyone else hurt me again! I was on a constant “guard” trying to “protect” myself from being hurt again!

After beginning knowledge session discussions with Ektaji all the “Gyana” started making more sense I was soaking in it deeply. I noticed I was smiling again, laughing again…yesterday I was joking about something with a friend at 10:00 pm and I laughed and laughed non stop ! After a while I noticed I feel FREE now…I am really laughing! This is for real…I found my lost self. Being in these knowledge sessions with Ektaji released the grief I was going through…I could see the old myself again! Life has a beautiful meaning everything happens because of Karma not because someone is bad or misbehaved because of manipulation, ego etc. etc.. all equations fall in place the math is perfect! No more why? Life is PERFECT in this moment as “niyati” has designed it for me through the cause and effect of karma!

I am very grateful and consider myself very lucky to have come in contact with Ektaji the love, sincerity and dedication with which she teaches us every week in an untiring way always there to help. Ektaji is my inspiration for seva. I have been watching Ashtavakra Gita multiple times, reading Yog Vasishta for past six years, listening to all Upanishads. When Ektaji gave the deeper meanings of what Guruji was saying…it all started making sense! In simple words but profoundly brilliant ways Ektaji was helping us understand Guruji’s discourse to the fullest extent! Now, I was not missing a single word of what Guruji said in each of those sessions. I was not drifting away anymore…every word Ektahi said was sinking in deep and settling like a pebble in wet concrete…the foundation was getting stronger with each session I was blossoming and all this “information” was becoming “Swabhawa gyana”…every word Guruji said when explained by Ektaji was soaking in every cell of my being…”Aho Niranjano”!

From the bottom of my heart one more BIG THANK YOU EKTAJI and to all the visionary volunteers who started these online sessions! My husband and children who had lost me for six years have this “crazy” funny woman back, the one who laughs and jokes about every situation in life without a care for “seriousness”!

Another thing I learnt about myself, in the past few years I had stopped “listening” to people I would only hear what I wanted to…and tune them out ASAP! Then, I would be forgetful about what they had said. Once the “awareness” happened through these knowledge sessions, I was able to change myself in a very short time. Now, I pay attention when spoken to, I listen, I am not as much confused as I used to be trying to recollect a conversation or instruction. What a relief!

Love and bliss to all
Jai Gurudev!