Deepa – October 3, 2015 at 2:01 am

JGD Ektaji,

This course of Ashtavakra Gita has been a real eye opener.. It’s been almost a year since the course started. Looking back I realize the life I had been leading was so much in the state of sleep( unawareness) , the general tendency of mind was to get affected by the smallest of the comment, situation or even a look..

With constantly re- reading the notes I feel it makes me feel stronger and the ability to let go or drop in has begun to sink in.Now I can say that even if I don’t know how to handle situation at times in the best possible way still do the Pragyapradha but I am at least aware the role Maaya has been playing . Living moment to moment has become my goal. I know we should not have wants…but being in the present, being aware..brings me that conscious joy. And I love being in the present, even though it is short lived constant effort is there from my side. Bringing back mind from manah to namah has become my
ritual. The newly learnt words are in my memory and now they are slowly becoming part of my swabhava.

Thank you Ektaji, for bringing out the best we can be. I truly admire your sincerity and the effort you take to teach us..It has been a blessing. I know things come to us when we are ready for it.

I continue to look forward for the oncoming sessions with you and to keep growing on this journey of life and shedding off the weight of things not required anymore in life.

Thank you Ektaji with sincerity,