Bhavini – November 17, 2015 at 8:57 pm


I am VERY GRATEFUL to Guruji, Ektadi and all the volunteers Ghazal, Jayshree, Manoj, Raj, Aditya to name a few for bringing these pearls of wisdoms into our lives. These are becoming our part of existence by drilling it into us with the awesome explanations and highlighted / actionable written summaries and to top of it off keeping us honest with attendances and revisions and tests.

I am VERY THANKFUL to my sister Rachna … who literally signed me up for these online courses along with her registration and connected me to Ektadi . I learn from my sister & Ektadi to be thorough – she just did not stop at signing me up but made sure I was hooked on by signing herself and me and constantly reminded me of attendance, changes etc before it became my muscle memory , similar to what Ektadi is doing with us for the knowledge. She inspired me by making sure she attends these courses in spite of overlap with her sons classes and I enjoyed discussing the lectures with her. Neither she nor I have met Ekatdi or the volunteers in person and would love to have that opportunity.

I have heard few ashtavakra before … but never registered it thoroughly, until this course … it was more like watching a good talk (as Ektadi says like watching a feel good Sharukhan movie ;-))

Thank you Raj and Mridula for sharing your experiences and motivating us.

This past year there have been few storms … from personal relationships, to close family health and ofcourse job😉 … but this Ashtavakra knowledge has helped me to see it as a witness and TRY to come back to the center, and at the same time avoid planing more agami karma.

Here are few things that pop out to me …

Its interesting to see the dhvandhum (duality) in every aspect below while NOT having a clear cut off line on this duality spectrum….

I do sway & get confused in the below duality … but remind myself to just drop it and surrender rather than over analyzing.
Day …………………………………………………………………………………………………………Night
The beauty is that there is never a specific min/sec where you can predict when the day started or ended. Similar situation applies in the below dualities.

Things are just happening you are not in control (Niyati) …………………….. This is all the result of your karma (your actions)
Let it go and don’t try to control anything. Drop and let go. Be watchful of your actions / thoughts to avoid agami karma… I catch myself labeling some of my thoughts/actions as Raaga and Dvesha and get haunted by Ektadi comments of you will be born to them in your next life because of your Raaga and Dvesha😉

Things/ppl have their own nature and that does NOT change …………….Everything is changing nothing is permanent.
We are like a pawn on the chess board that can only be moved in a specific way , like that each of us comes with a unique specification (nature) that we cannot change. This helps a lot to empathize others as some of their actions are a result of their nature that they also don’t have control for and it is foolish on our part to expect them to change. It helps to see the patterns/situations repeating as a result of the nature. While at the same time everything is changing and nothing is permanent. This too will pass.

Be oneness & dissolve (like you while watching a game etc) …………………..Be a Witness and be aware
You want to play a witness role to catch yourself if you are not being in the present and its tricky to let go so that you get out of the witness and get completely lost in the oneness. Ultimately you want to put in 100% and dissolve and be oneness.

Last but not the least DO THE SANKALP and rest will happen … that’s what my sister told me about taking this online course when I was trying to rationalize whether I will be able to do it or no with kids, work etc… I did the Sankalp to take the course and things just fell into place.

I wouldn’t have imagined myself picking up sanskrit words ;-)… (My mom always wanted me to learn sanskrit)

Thanks for reading so far… would love to hear your experience:-)

Love, Peace and Contentment

Bhavini …