Tamasic food attacks your spiritual health!

Question: Is it OK to eat Tamasic or left-over food because it’s easy for me to cook once and then consume it for 2 to 3 days? Isn’t running around to cook food everyday Rajasic? How to prepare and keep food Sattvic? Answer: First let’s understand what determines the Rajasic, Tamasic or Sattvic nature of food. Every food […]

Does spirituality reduce the desire for sex?

Question: Some have very strong desires and need sex anywhere between 2/3 times a week. Some have not had sex in months. Some are frustrated that one of the partner initiates all the time. Some have never had great need for sex right from a very young age. Some talk about having sex into their […]

Obstacles on Spiritual Path

Question: JGD Ekta ji, I have registered for the Silence course but I am so scared of my in laws. They would not approve my absence for 5 days. I have almost decided to not attend the course. But I am very restless to attend. I am stuck between family and spirituality. I have started […]