How to do proper darshan of the Guru during Guru Poornima?

Question: Ektaji Jai Guru Dev, Can you please give me tips on how to get a Proper True Darshan of Gurudev during this upcoming Guru Poornima. The mind gets swept away with the much fanfare and misses seeing the Guru in his full presence. How do we not get caught in so-called Guru chasing? How to be […]

Difference between Brain and Mind

Question: Dear Ektaji, please clear my confusion: A human body has five senses, touch, smell, taste, hear and sight.  While eating food that smells good, looks colorful, and tastes flavorful our stomach send a signal to the brain (mind) that I am full and intellect say to stop eating.  The brain decides to ignore the signal […]

Difference between the ethereal body and the physical body

Question: What is the difference between the ethereal body and the physical body? Answer: Ethereal body is what you are, the Purusha/Soul/Self. This Purusha just forgets its own identity and thinks I am solid, I have a body. Thus a gross physical body is developed out of its own imagination. Just like water vapor cools […]