Enlightenment makes me greedy!

Question: JGD Ektaji, Thanks for sharing this beautiful thought, but I believe thinking about enlightenment itself is a kind of suffering. You constantly work hard towards it reminding yourself that enlightenment is your end goal. I have read it somewhere that Enlightenment is just a by-product; you cannot do anything about it. This is the beauty of by-products: […]

Choicelessness is freedom!

Question: Is applying viveka, a kind of seeking? Because choosing/deciding right from wrong is so relative to this mind? Answer: Actually, Viveka is deeper than just plain discrimination between right and wrong. Viveka is the ability to maintain an absolutely clean and pure consciousness within. Rumi said, “Beyond the realm of right and wrong, there […]

The life of ‘maximum relief’

Question: My friend somewhere read that the life before liberation is the toughest, is there any truth to this? Answer: I don’t think that the last life before liberation is the toughest. It is just that in that life, you will actually make efforts to understand your own self, understand your own mind, and understand […]