A few questions on KARMA

Question: Is karma about keeping your intentions positive or is it about keeping your intention and thoughts neutral? Answer: There are two steps: Moving from negativity to positivity Dropping the attachment to positivity = attaining neutrality Question: What about the situation where your intentions are positive but you still find yourself with certain expectations and […]

You are not the body!

Question: Are Purusha and Brahman the same? Since both are energy, does it mean they are the same? Answer: Brahman is that supreme energy out of which everything is born. It is also called the supreme consciousness. This everything that was born of Brahman is matter [Prakriti] and the energy running that matter, we can […]

Difference between Brain and Mind

Question: Dear Ektaji, please clear my confusion: A human body has five senses, touch, smell, taste, hear and sight.  While eating food that smells good, looks colorful, and tastes flavorful our stomach send a signal to the brain (mind) that I am full and intellect say to stop eating.  The brain decides to ignore the signal […]

Difference between the ethereal body and the physical body

Question: What is the difference between the ethereal body and the physical body? Answer: Ethereal body is what you are, the Purusha/Soul/Self. This Purusha just forgets its own identity and thinks I am solid, I have a body. Thus a gross physical body is developed out of its own imagination. Just like water vapor cools […]