Does planning happen in present or future?

Question: Some more explanation on ‘planning happens in the present moment’ will be helpful to me. ¬†Often, when I am walking [morning walk] or meditating, a thought or an idea arises on what needs to be done to resolve a current issue, without any intentional planning/thinking. Answer: Did you notice that you said that a […]

Thought body and Intuitive body

Question: What’s the difference between thought body and intuitive body? Answer: Only awareness is the tool that can help distinguish a thought from an intuition. Here are a few tell-tale signs. Thought – Very clearly, if you notice a raaga or dvesha lurking in the background. Then you know it is a thought. This is […]

What is Open Eye Meditation?

Question: In the Patanjali Yogasutra Chapter 1 we talked about the 5 different modulations of the mind. And when our mind is not occupied in these 5 modulations it is at that moment we are meditating. Well then aren’t we all meditating sometime throughout the day? For example, if I am occupied in some work […]