Mind retaliates to your answer on craving for Guru!

Question: Ektaji, My bhakti kicked in and did a little revolt against the answer – https://ektabathija.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/craving-for-guru/ Divine craving (for the physical guru or the tattva) is in my faith a blessing..does Mukti not happen through Grace? Once we reach a stage in Bhakti won’t the rest automatically drop off? Answer: No dear. Nothing happens automatically. The question […]

Three paths for a Seeker!

Question: Good to meet you mam. Love being in a place where the knowledge is discussed..feels light and natural.One thought that passed me during today’s discussion Loving the God, consciousness in a idol form or even as a person like Guruji is beautiful. It gives the personal connection that this small mind is taken care […]