Bad karma with the opposite sex

Question: I just got out of a bad and abusive marriage, my parents helped me out. Seven years ago, I was in an abusive relationship too, at that time also my parents helped me out. I am trying to understand what kind of karma is this? And, how can I get out of my bad […]

All Fears are just the Fear of Death!

Question:  Guruji said that “All fears are actually the Fear of death”. I am confused. Please help. Answer: There is actually only one fear.  It is the fear of death.  There is no other fear.  All the other fears stem from this one fear of death.  They are all children of the same parent; fear […]

Obstacles on Spiritual Path

Question: JGD Ekta ji, I have registered for the Silence course but I am so scared of my in laws. They would not approve my absence for 5 days. I have almost decided to not attend the course. But I am very restless to attend. I am stuck between family and spirituality. I have started […]