About Me


Ekta Bathija, a spiritual mentor since 1998, uncovers the hidden paths to the deeper corners of the inner-world to help fathom the highest Truth!

She emphasizes that one MUST understand the various spiritual paths so as to educate oneself and take to the path that one is magnetised by. Having walked through the inner-world, she can help one manoeuvre through the Vedic path, the Buddha’s path and the Non-dual path.

A mountain can be climbed up from many directions, using a paved road, a dirt road, along the river bank, along the cliff-side, with a harness, without a harness, in myriad ways. It doesn’t matter how you climb up, you will finally get to the peak provided you follow the direction to the peak. We all have GPS within us. We just need to uncover it from the dirt and muck, lying within the depths of our own inner world.

Ekta’s method is not for those interested in philosophy, psychology, new-age techniques or old ritualistic traditions. It has only one purpose – Attaining a state of No-Mind [mind devoid of craving]. This must be attained by SELF-EXPERIENCE and FOLLOWING ONE’S OWN TRUTH devoid of external influence.

Tread only if you have the inner thirst to attain the highest human potential and the courage to unearth your own hidden Truth by self-effort!