Benefits of Vipassana or Satipatthana


I went for the 10 days retreat. The experience was very fulfilling. On day 4 of the Vipassana program during meditation, I was vividly seeing the events from my childhood more than 35 years ago which upset me very much and I was unable to sleep that night. I was finally able to put the thought on hold when I promised my younger self that I will take care of this matter. I was planning on writing a confronting letter. What do you recommend I should do here?


Vipassana or Satipatthana is like a mental vacuuming process. It cleans up all hidden impressions from the deeper corners of the mind. It has worked in your case. If one continues the practice, it will keep bringing up hidden impressions to the surface and finally releasing them. It’s doing its job well. Now you must do your job. And what is that? Continue practice!

How impressions are created?

Our own reactions of cravings & aversions towards people/situations/things create impressions in our minds.

How impressions are stored?

These impressions sit in our unconscious mind like seeds waiting to sprout one day.

How to stop this vicious cycle?

When they sprout, they bring up various thought/memories/sensations. If you react, you are sowing new seeds, so one must learn the skill of non-reaction.

That is the practice of Vipassana or Satipatthana.

Buddha understood that the highest problem of a human is his own repeated thought. That is what we call stress. He wanted to find the cure for this disease called ‘repeated thought/craving/aversion’. He discovered the process of observing reality without reacting and shared it with the world as Satipatthana or Vipassana.

Once you have established yourself in the purity achieved by non-reaction, you become ready to dive into the higher samadhi’s, which can carve the path to eternal peace as your continued experience.

To get there, one must continue the practice of non-reaction. Non-reaction is key!

About your question of whether you should confront, it is your decision dear. If you think it will resolve the issue, go ahead. If you think, it is a reaction that will sow more seeds than you know better.

May you be happy!

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