Who are you?


When we say ‘know yourself’ or ‘realize yourself’ who you or “your true nature” or real self, It looks like we are pointing towards the ONE Self who is SELF of all, our inner self or in other words the ocean in which waves are happening like individuals with unlimited names and forms. But in our experience we have the gross, and subtle bodies, and our own individual karmas, and after the death of this body we will get new one based on our karmas. How can we ignore that part of the individuality which has been with us for unknown number of  janmas. Even one realizes “Aham Brahmasami” but these subtle bodies, your individual awareness will be there right?  Can one ever get free of these individual subtle bodies and merge with ONE and loses individuality? Like Buddha, Rama krishna, they still exist with their individual awareness somewhere? Does one keep the individual awareness along with cosmic awareness even after the burning of all karmas? Your comments.


We do not have to ignore our individual awareness [called Purusha]. In fact, it is the reverse. You are the Purusha, you have forgotten that you are the Purusha & you have started identifying with the body & mind. You must understand this clearly. That is the reason why you asked a question like ‘Can one ever get free of these individual subtle bodies and merge with ONE and loses individuality?’

You are identifying yourself as an ‘individual’ & that is where the main problem arose in the first place. When Brahman split up into several Purusha’s, it was because of Ego “I” [individuality]. For eg. A huge magnet breaks into thousand tiny pieces & each of this tiny piece starts thinking that ‘I am someone’. This led to the main problem called ‘Vishwam’. It is actually all Maaya. You will understand this better when we start the Yoga Vasishtha series after we complete all 33 Ashtavakra’s.

For now, understand that you are a tiny piece of that huge magnet & you are magnetism yourself, you do not have to merge with the ONE in reality, you are ONE! The entire spiritual exercise is to just recognize that you are that – Sohum – ‘I am that’. It is the same as ‘Aham Brahmasmi’.

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