Mind creates the illusion of Time! Time does not really exist!


Time in addition to raaga/ dvesha or thoughts creates a barrier in meditation. Mind and Time seem undetachable unless consciousness goes in the silent core. Do you have tips to get over this Mind-Time obstacle when sitting down for meditation?


Time does not exist dear. Mind creates Time. Until the mind exists, time exists. When the mind disappears, time disappears too. So there is only one way out of the vicious Mind-Time cycle and that is to learn the skill to drop the mind.

By understanding the mechanism of creation of time by the mind.

How does the mind create time?

  • By being with that which has already happened and constantly mulling over that which it has no control over NOW. This is labelled as Past.
  • By fantasizing about that which has not happened and thirsting for some person/situation/thing that is not there NOW. This is labelled as Future.

Recognize that the mind is always either in the past or the future. It just cannot be in the present. In the present, mind just falls off. It melts away like wax in a huge fire. It disappears like melting ice on a hot sunny mountain top. Present moment is too much for the mind to handle.

The only key to a silent meditation is – I am not interested in ‘what happened’ nor am I interested in ‘what is going to happen’. Let me master the skill of JUST BEING WITH WHAT IS, right now!

‘Being with what is’, is the only key to Samadhi.

How to drop interest in the past and future?
This cannot be an auto-suggestion, it won’t work. One must realize that nothing other than ‘What IS’ really exists. ‘What IS’, is the ONLY Truth……The only TRUTH!

How to reach this realization? 

This realization comes with recognizing and acknowledging the futility of life. Many of us recognize the futility, but we let it go. We do not acknowledge it and let the sentiment of ‘futility’ carry on long enough in the mind for it to become ‘MY TRUTH’.

Recognize what is the weak point in you that masks this valuable sentiment of futility and overcome it. That will probably help you gain back the importance of the present moment and throw you out of the vicious Mind-Time cycle into the space of silent BLISS!

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