How does raaga(likes) and dvesha(dislikes) become an impression ?


JGD Ektaji, About Ragaa and Dwesha, it is natural to have a feeling of like and dislike.  Is it a problem if we have a ragaa and dwesha as a fleeting impression or something that lasts few hours or a day etc. I understand rubbing the impression in creates the karma but just a fleeting feeling ,would that be a problem too?


Any seed if given fertilizer & water, will sprout. Some seeds do not sprout immediately even after putting fertilizer again & again and some seeds are wild and will immediately spread like a wild fire even with a little bit of fertilizer.

Nurturing a raaga thought or a dvesha thought is like adding fertilizer to the seed of raaga/dvesha. It is upto Niyati to decide which seed sprouts when, so best thing to do is ‘drop the dvesha or raaga as soon as you notice it and keep dropping it again & again & again until you are perfect in the art of dropping it completely.’

And don’t worry too much about ‘how long you nurtured a raaga/dvesha’. Otherwise, you will create a new dvesha worrying about it…. Just let go!

Gahana Karmano gati – Unfathomable are the ways of Karma! Therefore follow Ashtavakra’s advice here ‘Act spontaneously’. Just live life moment to moment to moment! Act by your nature not by your raaga & dvesha! Act spontaneously!

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