Birthday message!


JGD didi, many happy returns of the day. Please could you give us a message on your birthday about how to celebrate a birthday.


Life is a school. We all are here to learn some lessons. There are several classrooms- relationship class, career class, social class, etc. Every day is a new lesson. 

Those who pass the lessons move towards graduation and never have to repeat them. Some don’t learn so well and need repetition.

A birthday is a reminder that ‘X’ no of years ago, you were sent back into the classes that you failed. Failure was because of some ‘Raaga’ or ‘Dvesha’ from your previous lifetime.

So how should one celebrate a birthday? 

  • A birthday is a good day to look back and reflect on past lessons and gauge where lies raaga  & dvesha.
  • Remind yourself that every birthday that passes is 1 year closer to graduation …. 1 year closer to Death.
  • Promise yourself to rise beyond the bondage of ‘cyclical birth & death’.
  • Gather the courage to fearlessly move towards graduation! 
  • Remind yourself that ‘I am not the body and only the body dies, I still live. If I must get out of this circus of samsaara, I must make an effort to first overcome raaga/Dvesha and then finally overcome the Fear of Death too. 

Graduate successfully! Rise above Raaga & Dvesha! Make your Death day more important than your Birthday! 

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