All Fears are just the Fear of Death!

Question:  Guruji said that “All fears are actually the Fear of death”. I am confused. Please help.


There is actually only one fear.  It is the fear of death.  There is no other fear.  All the other fears stem from this one fear of death.  They are all children of the same parent; fear of losing money, fear of losing health, fear of losing a loved one, and fear of losing a job.  Everything stems only from one fear that is the fear of death!  It does not matter whether the fear of death is the death of your own body or the death of a loved one, it is still FEAR OF DEATH!


For example, you have a fear of losing your job.  The fear is there because you have an insecurity of how you will be able to maintain this body that you call ‘YOU’. Till the time you identify with the body, there will exist this fear of maintaining the body and there will always be the fear of death hidden behind it.

The same applies to fear of losing money, fear of losing health, and fear of losing a loved one because you care for ‘I’… ‘I’… ‘I’… and your ‘I’ is the definition of the body.  Your ‘I’ is your attachment to your own body.

But ‘I’ am this body so this fear is natural, isn’t it?

The wise one realizes that this particular body in this particular lifetime is not who ‘I’ am.  It is just a drop in the ocean and I will take many more lifetimes [bodies] after this. I will have many more relationships, many more husbands/wives, jobs, houses, many more names, bank accounts and so on.

But maintaining my body in this lifetime is my responsibility, isn’t it?

Wise one understand that the Law of Karma brings everything my way.  This essential understanding that life is a flow of the river which I cannot control is the understanding of the yogi/the wise one.  When you know that the flow of the river is out of your control, then you just give in to the current and flow with it. Because if you struggle, you will drown, definitely! You will drown in your own suffering of ‘how your own expectations from life are not met’. Remember Karma does not need your advice or suggestions, it only brings what is due!

So how do wise ones live life?

The wise one floats! Just float! Float with the natural flow of river of Karma, without making struggling with the current. Have FAITH in the action of just floating with the current of life, then the Fears drop off automatically. You reach a state called Abhaya.  Abhaya is fearlessness, where there is no fear of even death.  Thereafter, there is no fear of anything in life; whether of losing relationships, money, houses, jobs, friends or family.

Is this possible in this lifetime?

Yes, absolutely! One only needs the courage! So gather the courage to be with what is. WHAT IS, IS! Once you gain victory over death, you gain victory over life! May you be victorious!  Vijayi Bhava!

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