Daivam, Niyati & Purushartha

Question: What is Daivam, Niyati & Purushartha? The further we go the more confused I get…specially with this  “Now it depends on the intensity of your commitment whether your Purushartha wins over your Daivam or not” –  Is Daivam, Nyati? Is everything that is happening, everything that I am doing (or not doing) Nyati?….and is it all preset […]

Learn the skill to act without doer-ship

Question: How to deal with a dishonest business partner and at the same time be able to drop doer-ship and act without creating any Agami Karma [future karma]? Answer: First, let’s understand how Sanchita Karma becomes Agami Karma. What is Sanchita Karma?  Sanchita Karma is my PAST karma that I created in the past, maybe in […]