Faith is like falling in love!

Question: Didi, What is faith ?

Answer: You don’t know me, you have never met nor have you ever seen me, still you have a firm connection with me and know that I will give you true answers for your questions. This is called Faith 😊

Question: How do I cultivate Faith in God or Guru?

Answer: Faith happens, it cannot be cultivated. Just like you cannot make someone fall in love with you. Either she/he loves you or she/he doesn’t 🙂

Just like that faith happens. Faith is like falling in love. Either it is or it is not.

Question: What should I do then?

Answer: Let it be! Don’t try anything. Accept what is. What is, IS…. being with WHAT IS unconditionally & nonchalantly is Faith.

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3 thoughts on “Faith is like falling in love!

  1. So nicely put! Faith happens. For the longest time I believed (knew) that I did not have faith. And it bothered me. The concepts of god, religion etc. never fit well. I kept on finding answers until I got to Yoga vasishtha Geeta, Ashtavakra Geeta and AOL. And only recently, in retrospect- I have come to believe that I actually have grown faith. In the knowledge. In this path, in the answers I am receiving. Faith has now…happened! JGD


    1. I totally relate to this. I started as a doubting Thomas and faith just happened without me knowing how. I remember I used to pray for faith. Like Gurudev says you need to pray to have faith and to pray you need to have faith 😊


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