Mahaa Maaya, Moha Maaya and Yoga Maaya

Question :

The ball is rolling and we are not the doer. Whatever will happen will happen. How does free will fit in?  You have explained free will earlier, but somehow I am not able to connect it. We have the free will not to create agami karma but what has to happen will happen irrespectively.  Unless agami karma determines how the ball will keep rolling but then that does not seem to be correct since there is no doership. If the ball is rolling because of past karma, was there some doership in creating those karma of the past?


Let’s begin again. In the beginning, there was nothingness. From this nothingness came out Purushas and then from Purushas came Prakriti and one event lead to another event to another. Everything is a part of this rolling effect. Now this ball is ONE ball of the Brahman consciousness that is rolling. And you and I are just mud specks stuck onto this rolling ball. And this rolling effect is what is called Maaya. The dynamics of what causes this Maaya to roll is dictated by Niyati.

So it is just ONE ball, we do not have a separate ball each. Now another way of looking at it is that we are all threads of one huge fabric. That fabric is vibrating. And if you look at it from an almost microscopic level, it is one thread vibrating after another after another. This fabric is one Brahman Consciousness just like the ball is one Brahman Consciousness and we are the mud specks stuck on to the ball by the glue of our individual karma.

The glue that keeps this mud speck stuck to the ball is Karma. This little speck of mud stuck on the ball is experiencing whatever Karma it created in the past. It was this specks Sanchita karma that has sprouted as Prarabdha today and today’s Prarabdha sprouts as tomorrow’s Agami. When you stop seeking, you stop creating Agami Karma, and when the glue of karma thus dries and falls off, you are enlightened.

Thus you have freedom whether to create Agami karma or not create Agami karma. Irrespective of whether you create Agami or not, the ball still keeps rolling. The only free will you have is to create raaga/dvesha or be a witness, Now, you choose!

  • If you choose to be a witness, [the ball is rolling anyways], you observe everything that happens with every roll of the ball and you remain at peace. Mind does not exist.
  • If you choose to indulge in creating raaga/dvesha, [the ball is still rolling anyways], but you are not at peace because of your raaga/dvesha that have in turn created the agami of not-at-peace feelings/situations. Mind exists.

The ball is rolling. It is just one event after another. This ball will roll in a particular direction irrespective of my current raaga and dvesha. Even if I keep screaming, ‘go left, go left’ it is not listening, it is just rolling the way it must go.

But how did its direction get decided, that was because of something called Mahaa Maaya or Parashakti. It has created this entire creation and runs it. And the glue that keeps you stuck on this ball is called Moha Maaya. 

2) Is wanting to be liberated, happy, centered, be in a state of no-mind (individual consciousness) also seeking to be in that state?

Yes, it is a good seeking that will take you away from the negative seeking caused by your Moha Maaya but it is also a seeking and will have to be let go one day, otherwise this can lead to even bigger problems for you on your path to liberation called Yoga Mayaa. And that ultimate letting go is what is Nirvana!

3) We are told to recite certain mantras or seek a guru’s grace to help go through what our karma is, specially if unpleasant, and see it through. So if the arrow was supposed to hit the head, it will hit the hat instead. Now since the ball is rolling, what ever has to happen will happen. So the arrow would hit the hat in any case?  Therefore mantras and guru’s grace have no effect on altering the direction of the ball?

Yes, it will not alter the direction of the ball, it will only bring peace to you. You will move from mind to ‘no mind’ in your state of surrender and prayer probably for a short while. And that short window is good enough to get liberated. Remember Vasishtha is talking about instant enlightenment.

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2 thoughts on “Mahaa Maaya, Moha Maaya and Yoga Maaya

  1. Isn’t this choice of indulging in raaga dvesha or being witness also the part of the rolling ball? You will only start being witness when knowledge and grace dawns upon you which is nothing but the fruits of good sanchit karmas. Hence free will is an absolute myth according to me. What do u say? Jgd.


    1. The best part is that this is an excuse of the Ego because it does not want to be in knowledge. Grace and Knowledge are like oxygen and air, all around, blessing everyone at all times. It is up to the wise one recognize this highest Truth!


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