Fear of the ‘Law of Attraction’


What does Guruji mean by saying that ‘whatever/wherever you put your thought to, you dissolve into it’? I understand the gross meaning of this that wherever I put focus my on, my mind starts working towards that or on the way of achieving that.

However, if I am upset about someone or somebody’s action triggered anger in me, there are times that the thought of that person keeps coming back to me whether I like it or not. It upsets me further- fuels jealousy, doubt, more anger- general state of mistrust and discontentment. And in my mind, unintentionally, this person is sharing my day to day life without being physically present or probably not even aware of the fact that their action created so much disturbance in my life.

So, my questions are: Is the mere thought of this person is turning me into this person? How to remove this person from my mind?


The Law of attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you put your energy into. For e.g. If you think of lack and keep repeating the thought that “I do not have enough” in your mind, you are throwing out a negative vibe to the universe. The universe therefore takes it as an attraction and brings that into your life even more. There will be more and more ‘lack’ in life, poverty in life, lack of friendship and love in life, etc.

Similarly, if you hate someone, you keep thinking about him or her. What this does to you is that you keep repeating the same negative thoughts and emotions within yourself. This strong emotion of hatred or jealousy sends out that negative vibe and that in turn becomes your future karma. Future Karma means that that person comes back into your life and you have to payback multiple times to settle the account. You will become like the person you think or you may be born in the next lifetime as his or her child, etc. etc.

You don’t really know what your hatred might do to you in the long run. That is why it is advisable to let go of all your dvesha and just be with whatever is going on in your life with contentment.

Mind is a ‘bin pende ka lota’ – ‘bottomless pot’. It will never be satisfied with any amount of hatred you put into it or any amount of wealth you put into it or any amount of love you put into it, etc. Wake up to this eternal truth. Once you understand this, it is in your hands to make an effort to cultivate contentment.

Cultivating is an incorrect word because in truth YOU ARE CONTENTMENT but we must use the word ‘cultivate’ here because our mind is not ready to understand this truth. Therefore, keep training the mind that all this is temporary, people die, things die, situations die, all is temporary and one day you will also die!

Drop running behind people/situations/things and drop running away from people/situations/things. Just be! This ‘just being’ is called Contentment! Contentment will prevent the arising of raaga and dvesha, and in turn will prevent this future [agami] karma, got it?


At work, there is a lot of frustration among the team mainly due to favoritism given to a few incompetent people. They get extra privileges at times and this has created a sort of negative vibe, de-motivation among rest of the coworkers. I try to keep myself away from the negativity by not participating in the talks. We have a company wide survey due by Friday.We typically have a survey every four five months for feedback from employee to improve on communication, to know voice of employees. I noticed in the past there has been positive implementation and efforts on the areas that needed attention which was a good step. The question I have is the frustration that I am experiencing is it ok to pen that down in the survey in opinion section? If I do so then will I plant a seed for agami karma? I am confused. Please advice.


Agami karma is planted not by the action or thought. It is planted by the emotion behind the action. Fear of Agami Karma should not stop one from taking appropriate action. You must always have to courage to call a spade, a spade! But one must do so in such a manner that the message should be conveyed objectively without emotion[raaga/dvesha] behind it. If you can present the fact without any anger or hatred understanding that this is for the greater good then you will not incur any agami karma. But even a single moment of hatred is a seed of agami, got it? There is no need to fear the Law of attraction!

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5 thoughts on “Fear of the ‘Law of Attraction’

  1. What are some “in the moment” strategies to drop the dvesha ASAP? I am in a similar work situation where there is favoritism and that has ignited in me a general dislike for coming to work and and a specific dislike for a particular person who makes BIG mistakes and is not responsible or held accountable for them while everyone else is. I breath, I remind myself that it’ll be finished someday, but somehow a part of mind hangs on. I can’t seem to snap out of it fast enough.


  2. Dear Ekta, you say “Agami karma is planted not by the action or thought. It is planted by the emotion behind the action.” – does that mean that no karma is made if you have no emotions behind action? Does that mean that if hypoteticaly someone who does bad things and is ignorant that this things are bad isn’t forming new karma with his/hers actions? Thank you in advance 🙂 JGD


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