How do we accumulate Karma?


Do women accumulate Karma on a/c of behavior under the influence of changing hormones?


Yes, you will accumulate karma if you get attached to anything. Your hormones are again part of your sanchita karma dear.


Also, recently you answered about a question on killing the insects- I was walking my younger son in a stroller the other day, even after trying to avoid all possible insects, some got squished under the stroller. Do I accumulate karma on this account?


No, you will not accrue karma on stepping on something by mistake. Karma is not accrued by action, it is accrued by intention. If your intention is pure, you are in the safe zone 🙂


In one of your talks we were discussing how someone may act as a postman to just deliver us the effects of some past karma, does this ‘postman’ accumulate any karma on delivering?


If the postman is attached to the delivery, he will accrue karma. If he is not attached, he won’t. Again, Karma is not created by action. It is created by intention.


If someone is saying nasty words to me and I cry and vent my frustration out by talking about what they do (not saying negative about them but only narrating how bad they have been to me) by doing so, am I taking their negative karma away?


You cannot take his/her karma away unless you are at an enlightened stage but you are certainly creating negative karma for yourself by feeling bad. Remember your attachment creates karma. You are feeling bad because you are attached. Work on becoming dispassionate about peoples words…. its only sound!

Got it?

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