Will I acquire Karma by killing an insect?


Killing an insect with no attachment -Do we acquire Karma impression?


Why would you kill an insect if there was no attachment? There is definitely a dvesha, that’s why the thought of ‘killing’ arises. Dvesha can be in the form of ‘disgust’, ‘irritation’, ‘repulsion’…. recognize it!

If there is no dvesha, you would take the insect on a piece of paper and leave it in the yard. Think about it!

Dveshas and Raagas can be extremely subtle. It is our responsibility to recognize them and then overcome them. I am not an environmentalist or an animal rights activist. It is not about the insect here. This dvesha that you are harboring within yourself is creating subtle impressions in your karma bag. These multiply over repetitive occurrences and then yield fruit at the appropriate time.

That is why, ‘Ahimsa – non-violence’ is a very important precept given by Patanjali, Ashtavakra, Lord Buddha, and so many other saints and scriptures.

Take a vow of non-violence!

Next time, you notice an insect on your beautiful glass table, don’t kill it, relocate it. Keep a small used icecream/yogurt plastic cup under the sink in every bathroom and kitchen. Whenever you notice an insect, use that cup to relocate it, don’t kill it!

What if you kill it and that is your last moment? You know the karma cycle 😉 You might be born as an insect! Don’t do that to yourself. Value your human birth!

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4 thoughts on “Will I acquire Karma by killing an insect?

    1. Action does not create karma, your intention creates Karma. Karma is not accrued when you act out of spontaneity. In case of self-defense one acts out spontaneously. There is no raaga/dvesha there, so there is no karma accrued. Got it?


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