Do I have Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva Shakti


How will I get to know whether I have Brahma shakti , Vishnu shakti or Shiva shakti from my day to day life? Will it have an impact on the profession or job I do?


If you are into creating things then you have Brahma Shakti – the power of creativity!. For e.g. painting, sketching, coming up with a new idea for creating an app, new business ideas, etc

If you are into mending broken things – like repairing a broken machine, fixing issues at work, trouble shooting issues in computer applications, fixing IT bugs, bringing about peace between fighting siblings, then you have Vishnu Shakti – the power of sustaining/maintaining.

If you only break things to come up with better solutions and revolutionize and bring about a major change like reformists or activists do, then you have Shiva Shakti -the power to revolutionize/bring about change.

Yes, if it a basic part of your nature, it will help you choose a career path as well.

All 3 Shakti’s are required to run this universe, so it is okay which ever Shakti you have. Just learn to channelize it in the correct direction!

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