Prisoner of past or Pioneer of future!

Question: Didi, how to overcome the bad habit of reacting to other people. I always react and then regret that I should not have behaved so. Please guide me. Answer: Very few people realize that the actual problem is ‘with their own selves’ and ‘not with others’ and ‘not with external situations’. Pat yourself for […]

You are in a dream! Wake up!

Question: Didi, today after kriya in my meditation, all of a sudden, I felt that the dimensions (square, rectangle) the room is not real.. I felt it turning to circle and disappearing.. As though this dimension is not real. Yesterday I was doing some work and then all of sudden felt what I am doing […]

Mind retaliates to your answer on craving for Guru!

Question: Ektaji, My bhakti kicked in and did a little revolt against the answer – Divine craving (for the physical guru or the tattva) is in my faith a blessing..does Mukti not happen through Grace? Once we reach a stage in Bhakti won’t the rest automatically drop off? Answer: No dear. Nothing happens automatically. The question […]