Why get out of the cycle of Birth and Death?


Why do we want to get out of this birth and death cycle?


If you are still not tired of the world, then get tired. How long do you want to continue this drama. Every day you do exactly the same things. You wake up, go to work/school, eat, sleep. Again, you wake up, you go to work/school, eat, sleep. You fight with the same people. You love the same people, then you fight with the same people. Then you make up with the same people. Then you love the same people. And the drama continues. This cycle repeats with people, things, and situations. At home and school and work and friends, everywhere, the same cycle repeats. The same cycle keeps repeating itself throughout life!

Aren’t you tired yet? Then get tired! Isn’t your heart looking for a higher purpose? Haven’t you realized the futility of life, yet? When one comes to a point in life when one starts looking for a higher purpose, then one understands the importance of looking within.

First, let’s understand why do we keep looking for joy outside. We feel that joy is in the material objects like house, car, phones computers, beautiful people, sex, family and friends, name, fame, job, career, etc. We keep running behind these objects all our life. The joy is not in these objects. We are looking in the wrong place, that is why you don’t find it there.

When we do not find the joy in these things and people outside, then you start looking within, then the real journey begins. The journey within!

And when you look within, you start understanding how your mind works?….. how thoughts arise?…. how emotions well up? What causes certain behaviors? What causes certain likes and dislikes? How to get out of this conditioning? Questions arise about the existence of your own self!

Slowly and surely you reach a point where clarity dawns, that everything is being managed by a higher power. You don’t get success [in life/love/job/relationships] when you are feverish for the results, in fact you get success when you focus 100% on the action. Laws like this start becoming evident.

Then questions arise – What is that higher power that knows whether you were focused on the action or you were focused on the end result? And you delve deeper into the spiritual truths concerning life.

Slowly and steadily, the inner awakening happens about the laws of Karma and Niyati. This inner awakening also reveals to you that you are trapped in this cycle of birth and death just because you could not understand the difference between ‘craving’ and ‘being’. This craving for something/someone only creates attachment in you. This attachment becomes the seed for a future life. And you take a next life just to pay back for your previous life’s attachments. The cycle keeps repeating!

When you come to this understanding my dear, you will definitely want to get out of this VICIOUS cycle of birth and death. So, if you are not tired yet, get tired! Because the joy that you are seeking in this material world, is not there, it lies within you. When you understand this, you will definitely begin the journey towards your own self!

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6 thoughts on “Why get out of the cycle of Birth and Death?

  1. Jai Gurudev

    I have read Dr Micheal Newtons “Journey of the Soul” & I’m almost done with “Destiny of Souls”. It has shed much light for me. However it has also created a desire to have regression done. Although available here, I am inclined to have it done in India at the Ashram. I feel there is something I need to know to continue this journey with my purpose served. Thank you


  2. Thank you, mam! your posts are awesome! I’ve a general query. Some people who are spiritual , they sometimes think they know everything. They don’t even listen to what others have to say. When they decide, they think they are absolutely right (despite after getting to know that they are wrong)! Such times, they seem to manana and nidhidhysana before shravana! It becomes really hard for other people to go through such situation. These people are really caring and they would like to serve everyone but there are times when they don’t even listen or speak to others. They seem to very stubborn and its very hard for people to make them understand. They say they follow their intuition but in my opinion, intuition can never be wrong and if its wrong , it has to be fear or anxiety right? I know spirituality cultivates courage and freedom but in the right sense. We can’t take every people in the world for granted and do whatever we feel like? Is this correct? Am I wrongly interpreting anything here?



    1. There are all kinds of people dear [whether spiritual or non-spiritual]. If someone is not a good listener and is stubborn and is doing UNWHOLESOME and NON-HARMONIOUS actions, he/she is DEFINITELY a farce spiritual person dear.

      If he/she listens carefully and filters out stuff before implementing a WHOLESOME and HARMONIOUS action then he /she can be called a spiritual person even if others do NOT understand him/her. Anyways, everyone’s definition is different dear. You focus on doing every action harmoniously and keeping the benefit of others [at large] in mind over personal benefit. Anybody not doing that as a first priority is definitely a farce spiritual person.


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