Sit on the fence!


Dear Ektaji, What to do when you have conflict in picking among two different things(raagas) in life ? It seems like dropping one and picking another is like choosing one of your Raagaa & creating dvesha for another.
What is the flow of life at that point of time how to be clear about it?


Life often brings us to a fork. Many roads lie ahead and we do not know what is the right way to choose. Obviously, all those roads are products of your previous ‘raagas’ and ‘dveshas’. Otherwise why will they come before you?

Here is where the sincere spiritual seekers dilemma begins as to what he/she must choose. Because he/she has heard so much about raagas and dveshas leading to agami karma seeds, he/she wants to avoid any more future seeds. The sincere spiritual seeker freezes here and questions himself. Fantastic! You have come to the first step. Very few people manage to get here, so pat yourself on the back!

Next step is to gather a lot of courage and just watch the mind. Just observe the mind. Just sit on the fence. On either side of the fence is a raaga or dvesha. The mind will tempt you to jump on either side. But you just sit there like a witness. A witness never gets involved. A witness just sits there. Just like a catalyst. Not getting involved in the drama of the mind. This drama of the mind will continue for a while. Just have the courage to go through the burning. Just be!

Final Step is that just by observing and not getting involved in the drama, the mind gives up on you. Just like a gossiping neighbor would give up if despite his/her instigation you don’t get involved but just stand there smiling 🙂 Then you will experience calmness and quietness. In this calmness, the voice of reason [intellect] will naturally make you move in a particular direction. This will be an objective, rational, practical and above all ‘natural’ move. You will not have to make the decision to choose the road. Spontaneity will lead. Remember spontaneity is not impulsiveness. Spontaneity is naturalness. Your natural response to anything is always out of compassion, love, joy. This is your dharma!

The road of Dharma is hidden behind the raaga and dveshas. It is your job to find it. And to find it, all you have to do is sit on the fence 😉

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3 thoughts on “Sit on the fence!

  1. Reading this knowledge gives me immense joy, practically i find it difficult to do… though something is definitely stirred inside… Please bless so that I can be free from these Raagas and Dweshas…Jai Gurudev!!!


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