Spiritual Anxiety!

Question: Jai Gurudev Ektaji, For the past 3 months I have been regularly doing my sadhana (Pranayama, Bhastrika, Kriya, Sahaj) every morning. Also, I have been listening to and reading knowledge more regularly than before. But I have noticed that I have become much more sensitive to my thoughts and emotions. The more I try to focus […]

Overcoming Jealousy

Question: We are all social beings. We need to socialize once in a while with our friends just to get away from the home environment. All our friends are very mature, happy and well to do. They drive better cars, they have better homes, they have better relationships with their kids and family and and […]

Resistance to meditation

Question: Dear Ekta,I have a question. You told us on google hangout to give the divine the highest priority. For a few years I have been doing do my home kriya very day. Weekly I do the long kriya (if there is a teacher available in my little country). I never skip a long kriya unless […]