You are GOD! Only GOD is! You do not exist!


Hi Ekta ji, Loved your analogy of white and green dress with body and soul. However, continuing with this analogy if the dress is the body and the body in white or green dress who did the action is the soul, then how come “I am not the doer” be said since “I” is not the body but the soul. So if the soul in a different body in the past sow the Karma seeds, whose fruit you are experience today, then soul is the doer. Correct?


JGD dear, The Soul is God. The Soul is Brahman consciousness. The Soul is all pervading, infinite and all doing. In simple words, the Soul is the doer and experiencer of everything. God is the doer and experiencer of ALL. In other words – ‘I am GOD!’ This is the highest Truth! The Supreme truth enunciated by all scriptures, sages, yogis, siddhas & Guru’s!

But the unrealized person does not understand this highest truth. That is why the unrealized one, keeps moving in the cycle of birth-death-birth-death-birth-death. He comes into this cycle because of the karma impressions. Karma impressions are caused by raagas and dveshas. Raagas and Dveshas are nothing but a product of doer-ship. The poor unrealized one thinks that he is the doer and experiencer. The unrealized one is lost in the ‘Maaya of Ego’ i.e. “I”, “I’, “I”.

It is the “I” that makes him think that:

  • He is different from the Soul/Brahman consciousness/God
  • Therefore the different individual “I” is the doer and experiencer.

But when he attains the highest realization, he comes to this understanding that there is no individual “I”. There is only ONE – Advaitam. That is the Brahman consciousness. It is like the Ocean. I am just a drop in this ocean thinking I am separate from the ocean. The day this realization hits, the drop merges with ocean and becomes Advaitam. That is Moksha! That is Nirvana! Got it?

You are GOD! Only GOD is! You do not exist! – Don’t stop until you understand and get established in this highest truth!

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One thought on “You are GOD! Only GOD is! You do not exist!

  1. With all due respect, why is this hard to teach? We seem to complicate by including a lot of religious/spiritual terminology, scriptures, too much info, etc. I think anyone can understand it in simple terms while they may not agree at first attempt as it is hard to break the religious conditioning.

    There is no god. There is no heaven, hell, no one is watching anyone, no one is holding us accountable to our actions. What we see evolved over millions and billions of years. All that we perceive and talk about are creation of human mind whether it is god, religion, spirituality, languages, culture, belief systems, traditions or whatever it is. Religions, scriptures, vedas, etc. are only a few thousand years old and are perceived and created by human minds again. Beyond this we don’t know for sure about reincarnation, soul, consciousness, niyati, and exactly how they play out, etc.

    If we really want to define god, lets go with that the creation is god and that includes us. As in ocean example, we are no different from god, and we are god and are part of source and creation.

    I hope I’m not completely off base and offending anyone.


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