Karma, Destiny and Free will


My understanding is that Free-will comes into the picture in two ways: 1.We exercise our free will in the present life in response to Prarabdh Karma (Thoughts and actions that we manifest in current life as a result of Sanchita karma). 2. We exercise Free will to create the Agami karma. Is my understanding about what is destiny and freewill correct?


Both 1 & 2 are the same. Let us understand this. My past [sanchita] karma is sitting in the form of seeds in my karma bag. One fine day, its time for the seed to sprout so it comes my way. When it comes to me today, it becomes my current karma [prarabdha]. Until here it is my destiny. Now how I react/respond to this Prarabdha karma determines whether I will sow agami seeds [future karma] or not. This is the freewill that I have. If I respond to it with anger/hatred in my heart/aversion/greed/jealousy/hostility, etc then I create an agami karma. If I respond with rational and objective action devoid of negative emotions then I do not create an agami karma. It is then called a pure action. So essentially, I have the freewill of pure action or not.


Again our Prarabdh karma decides our destiny. Does this birth’s Prarabdha karma decides next birth’s destiny or this birth’s destiny or both?


Both. It can create either the destiny of this birth [in future] or the next birth’s destiny. Here destiny is nothing but the agami [future] seeds sown by you while responding to your prarabdha [present]. In other words, you are the creator of your own destiny. That’s why I say, there is nothing like destiny!


So Karma manifests its results in this life and many more lives to come and becomes destiny Is there a percentage of Karma, Destiny and Free will that we have?


We just discussed that “You are the creator of your own destiny because destiny is nothing but the agami seeds sown by you. It is in your hands whether you throw these agami seeds or not. These agami seeds become sanchita and the cycle goes on. Thus, I will say that there is nothing like destiny, really. It is all freewill.


Education is one of the Sanchita’s that cannot be changed – In that case, I will understand that may be becoming a doctor was destiny. But becoming a good or bad doctor is one’s prarabdha karma.


That’s correct! What you make out of it, is your freewill.


Source of wealth is one of the Sanchita’s that cannot be changed – Is it source of wealth or quantity of wealth? Let us take example of Bill Gates. So, I will again call this as destiny that he was bound to be rich. I feel again it is because of his sanchita and prarabdha karma.


Source of wealth cannot be changed. Source means origin or in how much wealth you are born. If you are born to a poor man, your source is poor. It cannot be changed. What you make of it, is different. You can become a rich person later on but that will still not change the source. Got it?

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3 thoughts on “Karma, Destiny and Free will

  1. Out of five things we can’t change in Sanchita .. How much we grow in knowledge we can’t change.. Does it mean how much ever I meditate I can only grow to the certain limit or extent.. M very confused with this one.. Plz explain.. Thanks


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