A few questions on KARMA


Is karma about keeping your intentions positive or is it about keeping your intention and thoughts neutral?


There are two steps:

  1. Moving from negativity to positivity
  2. Dropping the attachment to positivity = attaining neutrality


What about the situation where your intentions are positive but you still find yourself with certain expectations and feel attachment with the fruit of action? Am I creating karma here?


Yes, Karma is created by attachment. The attachment to the fruit of action could be a raaga [or dvesha] for something or someone. When there is a strong raaga [or dvesha] the intention gets affected accordingly. The intention will have the flavor of your raaga/dvesha, look carefully!


Doing any action in favor of keeping your hope alive and in turn creating any sort of expectation of outcome would be considered creating karma, right?


Bull’s eye!


We are not supposed to have hatred towards anyone and you said if we don’t drop the dvesha(dislike) towards them, we will come back in a very close relationship. Do you want to say we will keep coming in each other’s life until we drop dvesha whatsoever may be the reason?


Yes dear. The more you hate someone/something, you attract it like the north pole of a magnet attracts the south pole. The coupling of the two is now inevitable. It is up to you now whether you make this a symbiotic coupling or a parasitic coupling. What you make of it will now create agami karma. The cycle will continue forever. Thus it is said that you are born in the same family again and again. Its not the first time with your family dear.


About longevity – I always thought that our sankalpa(intention) can do miracles. Prayers and blessing really work. Then does it mean if someone has to die at certain age, then no medicines and prayers will work at that time.


Bull’s eye! Expiry date is decided by the previous karma, it cannot be changed by anything.


Can you clarify – The soul sticks on to the body until the karma is exhausted. Does this mean as long as we are alive… when we die there is no karma and soul departs ?


“The soul sticks on to the body until the karma is exhausted.” This means that you will keep getting a body by the laws of Niyati as long as you have karma. Just because one body dies, it does not mean your karma is exhausted, the poor body could only tolerate one for 80, 90, 100 years. As long as the bag of karma exists, one will have to keep coming back in a body again and again. Once the karma is totally exhausted then you will not ‘have to’ come back. So we can more clearly understand it as ““The soul sticks on to some or other body until the karma is exhausted.”


In case of self defense, how does law of karma work? A mosquito is biting you and you kill that. You eat curd which has yeast. We cook and microorganisms die. Soldiers kill on borders


Repeat Karma video. Karma is not created by action. It is created by the attachment to the action. Attachment means raaga and dvesha. Revisit video here-

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