Are you a Lion or a fox?


JGD! Can you please explain today’s Guru Punch- Invoke the lion within you and have an attitude of sacrifice to rescue yourself from anxiety.  I don’t understand the ‘attitude of sacrifice’ piece.


People live in a lot of fear!

  • Fear of what will happen….
  • Fear of what people will say……
  • Fear of whether they will be appreciated or not…..
  • Fear of losing what they have…..
  • Fear of not attaining what the mind is feverish for…..
  • Fear of not meeting expectations…..
  • Fear of losing life….

Fear, fear, fear!

This fear makes a person extremely weak. Weakness can be overcome by invoking the sleeping lion inside you. You can then become fearless and face all trials and tribulations of life with strength and courage. At the same time, becoming a lion/lioness should not invoke your ego, otherwise you have toppled over to the other side. Maintaining a balance is a skill only the wise possess. The wise one will be fearless like a lion and at the same time have an attitude of sacrifice. Sacrifice what?

  • Sacrificing the stiffness that comes with being fearless
  • Sacrificing the rash behavior that might hurt others
  • Sacrificing the urge to roar and hurt other innocent minds
  • Sacrificing the tendency to pounce on others
  • Sacrificing the poor tendency of demanding respect and appreciation from others
  • Sacrificing the poor attitude of “me first” and developing the attitude of “how can I help you”

That is a true Lion! One who is courageous, fearless and yet commands respect just by his attitude of sacrifice. Be a true lion, not a wicked fox hidden in a lion skin!

Who are you? A fox or a lion?

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