Guilt is a safety valve!


What is guilt?  Why is our conscience so strong (in some cases), for example, if one lies, but later on he feels guilt.  He knows he lied for the best, otherwise it would cause hurt to the other’s mind.


Guilt is nothing but a safety valve. When you speak a lie or manipulate or do something wrong, you feel a pinch inside. This pinch is an indication that some agami karma was just created by you out of your raaga and dvesha just NOW! This is the pang of guilt. It is nature’s way of telling you, ‘sudhar jaa beta, warna Gabbar aa jayega!’ Gabbar means that Agami karma might sprout if you do not mend your ways!

Remember, Karma is not created by the ‘act of telling lies’, it is created by the emotion behind it, here your emotion is ‘guilt’!

I think it is a fantastic way of nature telling you that ‘You little unaware fool, this will go as an impression and deposit in your karma bank. Now also it is not too late. Make amends so that it does not come back at you’.

But the foolish mind does not follow this safety valve and falls into misery again and again. So if you have realized this my dear, you must follow it so that you do not create any more agami karma. Got it?

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