Is karma responsible for significant number of deaths due to natural calamities?


So if body is inside prana, when we hear about suppose earthquake or any other natural phenomenon where so many people die, is it because the prana of that area was low or is it karma or is it due to the devas ?


There are weather devas who are responsible for thunder, lightning, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc. These happen due to the transformation of the same consciousness from one form to another. This has been depicted in the mythology as wars between devas just to add some mirth, but please do not imagine that these devas look like humans or some devils fighting or whatever TV or mythology has put into our heads. Devas are just extremely powerful energy impulses. They do not have a physical form. They are just higher forms of consciousness that can do things that the consciousness limited in a human body or animal/plant etc cannot do.

The karma of a particular community, country or city determines such weather calamities. The devas are responsible for the expression of our karmas. Therefore, despite being amidst a calamity, a person might be saved and not experience ‘end of human life’ on account of his ‘time karma’. So it is a very complex design and it is unfathomable! So, just let go and remember ‘I am not the Doer’, just be in ‘Sakshi bhav’ – witness consciousness and go with the flow…..Act spontaneously!

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