Mind v/s Self !


Sometimes these guided meditations (including today’s) talk about how our mind is bigger than our body and our body is surrounded by our mind, and says it like this is a good thing.
But if that’s the case, it’s really undermining my ability to let the self take the driver’s seat when this fat mind of mine is blocking my whole windshield.  I thought it was our “small mind” anyway, and was more like a thorn in an elephant than netting on a mouse.
Do you have any Martha Stewart quick-fixes so I can overcome my confusion?
I’d prefer to think of my consciousness as this small pebble in my body with eel swimming around it that are my thoughts and when I shine a flashlight onto to the eel (that is, pay attention to them), they guiltily pull over to the side of the road.  Those are the only times of day that the ancient sage that’s my pebble consciousness gets to come out of the house and stretch.

The quick – fix is to recognize that the “Mind does not exist”.

 The Self/Purusha forgets about itself and identifies with the objects of this material world [objects of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell] and starts experiencing them and indulging in them and running after/away from them, then it is called the “Mind” – “Manah”
When this Purusha/Self drops the identifications with the external objects of the sight, smell, sound, taste, touch and withdraws from them, it becomes centered. Then it is called the “No-mind” or “Namah” or the “pure Self”.
The mind does not really exist!

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