How to let go of the past ?


What if people around do not let us forget few things of the past by either talking about it or however then how can we be content at that time?


More Ashtavakra sessions will help you. I assume you understand that the more you think about the hurt people caused to you, the more dvesha you are creating and dvesha leads to agami karma. Drop this dvesha for your own sake. Because the more dvesha you create, the stronger the impression the stronger the karma which means that you will be born with that person again in the next life, do you want that?

So, stop giving so much time to unnecessary thoughts and move towards thinking more about Ashtavakra knowledge. That will definitely help. You have the videos playlist, you can play them again and again until your thoughts get purified of raaga and dvesha and move towards wisdom!

It is going to be difficult, but you have to cultivate contentment despite all odds.


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