Every karma has an expiry date!


What I am going through, is it my Karma which I should accept and carry on or can I choose to change the situation without building agami karma? Is it that even if I change the job, I will still face the current situation because my past karma has brought it to me and I should undergo it?


Every karma has an expiry date. Now, it is practically impossible to know whether that date has arrived or not.

  1. So it might be possible that you are propelled to leave the job because the expiry date has arrived.
  2. But the other possibility is also there that the expiry date has not yet arrived but you drop the job because of your dvesha, then you will face the same thing in your next job.

Gahana Karmano gati – Unfathomable are the ways of Karma! Therefore follow Ashtavakra’s advice here ‘Act spontaneously’. Just live life moment to moment to moment! Act by your nature not by your raaga & dvesha!


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