Love is independent of attachment


If I am going to have baby soon, am I going to build more karma? Because I know I am going to have emotional attachment, or how can I deal with this situation, how can I give 100 percent affection without emotional attached?


Love is your basic nature. You are made up of a stuff called ‘Love’. When this Love gets infiltrated with demands, possessiveness, fear, over-protectiveness, expectation, selfish desires, etc, then it has become impure and this impurity is called ‘Attachment’. We can put all these impurities under the umbrella of Raaga and Dvesha.

Therefore Attachment = Raaga + Dvesha.
Now in this equation there is nothing like Love. Remember Love is what you are. It is not an emotion, it is your very existence! This means Love is independent of attachment.

Attachment is of the mind. Remember, ‘I’ am not the mind. I have a tool called mind. ‘I’ am not the body, I have a tool called the body. Death proves that I am beyond this body. The silence you experience in Sudarshan Kriya & meditation proves that ‘I’ am beyond this mind. So if I am not the mind, then that which is ‘of the mind’ is also not ‘MIne’. Thus Attachment is not ‘Mine’. Attachment is of the mind.

It is very easy to drop something that you have recognized as not yours, isn’t it? Therefore drop these impurities of Raaga and Dvesha and be in your own PURE nature of Love always. Make it a constant practice to be pure. Just like you shower/clean your body everyday, clean your mind everyday by letting go of Raaga and Dvesha everyday and be a PURE Diamond. If a mother who is so beautifully pure and sparkling, how beautiful will her baby be?

Congratulations! It is a beautiful experience to become a Mom! Enjoy it to the fullest without letting the mind indulge in Raaga and Dvesha. Be a diamond!

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