Karma of terrorist and mentally handicapped


Terrorists sometimes never get caught, does Karma take care of them?


Laws of Karma are amazingly accurate & cannot be dodged. An extremely shrewd criminal may be able to escape the police and law authorities but he cannot escape Karma! Karma is extremely fair, no partiality, no prejudices, whatsoever! A criminal/terrorist/murderer may lead an extremely comfortable life and die without being punished by the law in that lifetime. In such a case, the APR charge is doubled on his karma credit card. Such a soul on account of his own karma gets a birth that is extremely pitiable. He must pay back a huge karma loan thus the physical/mental suffering might be enhanced in such individuals in their next lifetime.


Mentally challenged people are very innocent & loving, is it their Karma to undergo suffering? Do they create new karma?


Harsh as it may sound but it is true, Karma is extremely fair, no partiality, no prejudices, whatsoever! It is the karma of that individual from his previous lifetime that has brought a karmaphalam in the form of a lifetime handicap. He may be very loving & innocent in this lifetime but what he did in his previous lifetime, you don’t know. Gahana Karmano gati – Unfathomable are the ways of karma!

Now understand that Agami Karma is created by raaga & dvesha. A mental handicap might have degrees, if he is capable of raaga & dvesha, he will create karma. If the mental handicap is such that he is like an animal that just runs by nature & not by raaga/dvesha then he will not have any agami. 1 + 1 = 2 always!

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