How does a “thought” become an Agami Karma ?


First one of the 5 elements or the senses hits us (it also depends on my doshas), then it goes to the memory bank & opens one file like, dislike with People, Situation & Thing. (Is there any other file gets opened?). Now what happens if I’m not aware then the intellect comes in & it starts reviewing the file. When the intellect is reviewing, than the person starts visualizing the event, when it goes into name & form, than it gets fully trapped, solid. Flow is 5 Elements or 5 Senses than Memory than Like/Dislikes than Intellect with Ego than Agami Karma builds up. Let me know your thoughts about it.


It is a step wise process:

  • The first thought that has arisen in the mind from your subconscious is out of your control because you did not control your food, associations & atmosphere earlier.
  • This thought might be a raaga or a dvesha, this analysis is done by the intellect.
  • If you ignore it or surrender it, you become free. For example- You suddenly imagine a ghost, then you think ‘this is so silly’ and you ignore it. You become free.
  • But instead of ignoring, if you nurture this thought by giving it attention and replaying it in your mind, this raaga or dvesha becomes a strong impression that gets recorded in your memory.
  • The strength of that impression is enhanced by Ego which is your own enemy.
  • That solidified impression creates Agami Karma which sits like a seed in your consciousness waiting to sprout.

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