Is it a Raaga or a mere preference ?


Ektaji, It is difficult to completely drop raaga and dvesha. For example, I interview several candidates for a job and based on my likes and dislikes within professional guidelines I select or reject a candidate. Within first 5 minutes of interview I conclude that I like this candidate or dislike this candidate. Please help.


You select a candidate based on qualifications, it should have nothing to do with raaga & dvesha. Understand what is a raaga?

  • A raaga is a strong emotional attachment, not a mere preference.
  • A dvesha is a strong aversion where a person experiences an emotional bitterness.

A candidate is chosen without such emotional responses, merely based on preferences. You can have preferences as long as preferences are only on the surface level, as long as they do not touch deep.

For a wise one, neither the presence of something causes exhilaration nor the lack of something causes discomfort.

Eg. If your preference for eating fatty food leads to you becoming upset when that food is unavailable, then you have crossed the line. When you can be at peace even if the food is very simple then you are wise.

Check if you have mere preference or is it a raaga?


I want to get out of a lot of people situation and things. My roommate, no cleanliness. So I am trying to rent a separate room away so that I could live more clean. I have lived in some bad room with lot of unclean things. Does it make me have raaga for cleanliness or is it my affordability that made me get better place? I am sure I could live in both places.


Your last sentence was the answer itself. If you could live in both places, it shows that you do not have a strong raaga or dvesha behind it. So you are not trying to run away from a situation but making a sensible, practical choice! Then it is fine! If it is a preference to be in a clean environment and you do not fight and argue about it but just make a practical choice, then you have not created karma. Remember, you create karma only when you have a strong emotional reaction [internal worry or external outburst].

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