Do you payback extra tax for your karmas?


Does karma get generated at the same octane it is created? That is, if I trip an enemy, will an equivalent act be bestowed upon me, or could it manifest in a distorted dosage?


Very interesting question. When you payback a loan to a person or bank, you always have to pay an interest rate, right? Just like that when you create a bad karma, it comes back to you with a higher intensity of pain/dukha. You can consider it as an extra interest that you must pay or an extra tax that you must pay. Thus it is important to start focusing on not creating agami karma. And how do we create karma? By our raagas & dveshas. So understand that you will have to pay a tax for every karma you create therefore work on dropping raaga & dvesha for people, situations & things. Meditation & Gyana will be your tools to drop raaga & dvesha.

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