Is it possible to drop duality?


In Cosmos, it is said that there is no concept of time. My question though is, can you experience this while you are in a physical form. From Lila’s story(yoga vasishtha), she had to remove the duality completely? Please explain.


Yes, it is completely possible to drop the duality in this physical body while living. Because it is possible to do this in this body, that’s why we are doing all these practices, growing in knowledge and meditating regularly. It may seem miraculous to you right now but it is not. It is just a by-product of the highest level of awareness, highest level of awakening, highest level of sakshi bhava.

One whose consciousness is completely clear of vasanas of raaga and dvesha, he recognizes that he is not the body, and all this material creation is not ‘matter’ but essentially the consciousness, he can transcend this physical limitation while being in the body. He is called a Videha!

Watch this 1 min matrix clip first and then read ahead –

He says, “There is no spoon”. If you focus on the spoon, you will not be able to do it. Instead focus on the Truth! The truth is ‘there is just the consciousness, there is no creation’. This creation is only in my dream. I may be a dream inside another dream inside another dream. I just need to wake up!

I am sure each one of you must have experienced this while you were dreaming, you suddenly realized you are dreaming. And then the dream drops off. It is just that one moment of satori that will help you snap out of this dream called creation/world/samsara. And there will be no limitation of past, present and future. Just like it is for Gurudev.

Satori will not come to you by hankering for it and thinking about it. Obviously, completely dropping it will also not help. Just keep moving on the path. It comes in the moment when you have let go, maybe in meditation or when you are just at peace while in activity.

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